Golix announces cross-chain deposit policy. Here’s what it means to holders of digital currencies

Earlier this week, Golix, the Zimbabwe payments company that is using digital currencies to solve Africa’s payment problems announced its policy on cross-chain deposits What is a cross-chain deposit? The question that some people have been asking is — what is a cross-chain deposit? This occurs when someone sends their tokens from one cryptocurrency blockchain to another different cryptocurrency blockchain. An […]

A letter to Golix investors, friends & family regarding the situation in Zimbabwe

This was an actual letter that was sent to Golix investors, friends and family regarding the political situation in Zimbabwe. I know that you’ve seen in the news that there is a “not a coup” happening in Zimbabwe right now. I’ve been inundated by WhatsApp messages from most of you (and I know more are coming) and I can […]

This is Golix’s position regarding the upcoming Bitcoin fork

This blog post contains important information on the bitcoin fork so please read all of it carefully. Last week the bitcoin network had a fork that is now known as Bitcoin Gold. In two weeks, there will be another fork called Segwit2x. If you do not know what a fork is, then you should read this article which […]

Here is a simple explanation of what a digital currency fork is

Creating a digital currency such as bitcoin can be likened to baking a cake. Before you bake your cake, you have to first find a recipe and as long as you follow the instructions in the recipe, you will always get the same cake; Regardless of who backed the cake. A slight change in the recipe will […]

We’ve just changed our name from BitFinance to Golix

We’re excited to let you know that we’ve just changed the name of our company from BitFinance to Golix. We started BitFinance in December 2014 to make it super easy for Zimbabweans to use bitcoin. Coming from a country that had so many ‘money problems’, we strongly believed that bitcoin was going to make our people’s lives […]

What every first time entrepreneur should know about raising money from investors

My company, BitFinance, has raised over US$50,000 from 4 different investors over the last 2 years and as we’re preparing to go for another round of fundraising, I’ve been reflecting on the things that have worked for us, the lessons we’ve learnt and how much easier it would have been if someone had written a […]

Interested in learning about how bitcoin works and what else you can use it for in Africa?

The persistency of Zimbabwe’s financial crisis has continued to make it difficult for companies and individuals to, not only, move money across the border but also make online payments. While banks continue to restrict international transfers and the use of debit/credit cards, many are now turning towards bitcoin as a solution but the problem, however, […]

Technical Update #2: Introducing BitcoinFundi RC1

Hello World, We are proud to announce that BitcoinFundi Release Candidate One is now live. Those of you that have been to our office, have probably heard us tell the story of how, when then US President Jack Kennedy visited NASA in 1962, he met a cleaner who was carrying a broom. The President then […]

Introducing OTC Trading | buying/selling large volumes of bitcoin

BitcoinFundi is great for doing transactions that are under $2K but let’s face it: when you create an order to make a buy/sell that is over $2K, it’s very hard to: get that order filled, in one transaction and at the same price In the best case, you can only hope to get 2 out […]