What is GLX?

GLX, (pronounced as Golix Token), is a cryptocurrency that was created by Golix

GLX runs natively on the Ethereum blockchain and follows the ERC20 token standard.

How and where can you use GLX?

Earn a share of Golix trading fees

Golix distributes 100% of the fees we collect on golix.com to GLX holders. These fees are distributed pro-rata to anyone with at least 10 thousand GLX in their GLX wallet at golix.com at 12am GMT everyday.

Accept GLX for payments

Use Coinpayments to accept GLX on your website or online store.

Hire Freelancers

Hire freelance developers or designers with GLX on Gitcoin

We're giving away 10 million GLX

Golix has reserved 10 million GLX for distribution through the Golix Referral Program and the Golix Referral Program.

Learn more about the Golix Referral Program