Golix Referral Program

The Golix Referral Program lets get rewarded for introducing people to cryptocurrency and helping them to get started. Now you can monetise your website/blog and get paid when you refer people to Golix.

How it works:

Sign up

To be eligible your friends/referrals should sign up using your referral link. You can find your referral link in your Dashboard.

Fund your GLX wallet

You should be holding 1000 GLX in your Golix wallet at the time your referral signs up to be eligible for your referral commission.

Earn commissions

When your friend/referral completes their first buy/sell transaction on Golix, both you and your friend will be given 1000 GLX.

We're giving away 10 million GLX

Golix has reserved 10 million GLX for distribution through the Golix Referral Program.