This blog post contains important information on the bitcoin fork so please read all of it carefully.

Last week the bitcoin network had a fork that is now known as Bitcoin Gold. In two weeks, there will be another fork called Segwit2x. If you do not know what a fork is, then you should read this article which explains what a fork is.

What this means for you, if you’re a bitcoin holder, is that you will get free units of the new bitcoin fork that is equivalent to the amount of bitcoin you were holding. If you are or were holding your bitcoin on Golix at the time of the fork then you do not need to take any action as we’ll credit your will credit your wallet for you automatically.

The Bitcoin fork and Bitcoin Gold

The Bitcoin Gold fork occurred last week Monday but to minimise downtime, disruptions and to allow us more time for testing the security and stability of the Bitcoin Gold chain, we shall only list Bitcoin Gold and credit wallets of those who were holding bitcoin at the time of the fork after the Segwit2x fork has happened. We expect this to be in about 2 weeks.


As we mentioned earlier, the Segwit2x fork will happen around 2 weeks from today. After the Segwit2x fork, we shall continue to refer to the current bitcoin chain as bitcoin and the forked bitcoin chain as Bitcoin2X, regardless of which chain accumulates the most difficulty.

Currency Symbols

We shall be sending more updates as we move closer to November 16, 2017.

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash