Golix Token Sale | Digital Currencies for people in Africa


The Golix Token(GLX)

Buying Cryptocurrency
from Africa is no longer impossible.

Tokens Sold

  • Private Tokens (USD$2m) 100%
  • Public Tokens (USD$8m Soft Cap) 90%
  • Private Tokens (USD$32m Hard Cap)
  • Private Tokens (USD$2m) 100%
  • Public Tokens (USD$8m Soft Cap) 90%
  • Private Tokens (USD$32m Hard Cap)

The Problem

The majority of Africans are unable to exchange value between their local fiat currencies and cryptocurrency options. This has denied them of a solution to some of the challenges in the African financial ecosystem like:

Restricted Access to cryptocurrencies

There are a limited number of platforms for Africans to buy cryptocurrencies using local means of exchange.

A broken remittances model

Remittances services addressing the African market impose punitive charges on the millions of recipients relying on every penny sent home.

Complicated international payments

Sending money across borders is expensive, slow and complicated due to high fees, international clearance models and currency shortages.

The Solution

The Golix Token (GLX)

An African cryptocurrency backed by golix.com, a robust exchange active in multiple markets across the continent.





South Africa



The Golix token (GLX) – will provide everyone in Africa with a convenient way to transfer value between fiat and cryptocurrencies.


Zero transaction fees on the Golix exchange


10% Bonus for African nationals buying the token during the sale


Coinvestment in African cryptocurrency projects.


Participation in bounty programmes promoting cryptocurrencies in Africa